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Who is he who condemns ( 27.01.2019) English

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  1. CHRISTOPHER says:

    Dear Pastor,

    We used to come to our church when i was in coimbatore, but now iam working in Qatar for the last 2 years , Though iam here used to listen all your sunday messages program by net. It is very blessing and encouraging to us.

    please pray let God bless my job and my family.


  2. Rani Jeba Shanthi says:

    Dear Pastor,

    This is from Paul and Rani from Sharjah. In spite of being away from Coimbatore we don’t miss the messages every Sunday . we are able to receive the word of God and respond to Him. I am sure many others are blessed as we are blessed. May the Lord bless your ministry.

  3. Divya says:

    Praise the lord. This is divya from Abu Dhabi. I used to come to our church when I was in Coimbatore. I don’t miss the messages Though I am here used to listen all your Sunday and Wednesday messages program by net. Its very blessing for me and not only for me here my friends also hearing your messages pastor for them also so many changes happening in their life after they started to hearing your messages they all Hindu background but now they accept Jesus now they started reading bible. It is very blessing and encouraging to us.

  4. Joanna says:

    Dear Pastor and Preethiji,

    We are truly blessed by your ministry.
    Being able to participate in live service is such a blessing!

  5. christopher says:

    Pastor the last week message (10.07.16) is very encouraging, i was going through much trouble in that week , but your message made me to think that Iam child of God , so i am no need to fear for anything , my father and the father of Jesus will take care that problem .as God showed to Jesus about all , he will also show the mighty things in my life.

    Another message i listen many times is ( STORE HOUSE , TREASURE HOUSE AND POWER HOUSE) is also moulded my spiritual life.

    CHRISTY , – QATAR (MOB; 3486248)

  6. Seetha Narayanan says:

    Dear pastor,My name is Seetha.i am a born again believer from a brahmin background.Dr.Bavani who is a member of your church introduced Zion aog church to me. I am residing in Bangalore.since I am not allowed to go to church on Sundays,i regularly go to jesuscalls prayer tower for my fellowship,and prayers.i used to join Nlag Chennai live every I joined you on line for the live webcasting of 6.30am service.i am greatly blessed by the message.i thankyou very much for the webcasting of the services.god bless you,
    With regards,

  7. Sugitha Asish says:

    Dear pastor and preethi ka..v miss u

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